The Department of 经济学 confers the Bachelor of Arts degree in 经济学. The undergraduate economics curriculum prepares students for graduate studies as well as employment in government or private industry. 经济学 majors pursue studies designed to acquaint them with the theoretical foundations of modern economic analysis, 分析工具, 以及对当代问题的应用.
主题  CECO 107, 3学分 
Title  经济学概论. 
描述 A one-semester survey course designed to introduce students to the fundamental principles and concepts of economics. 主题包括需求和供应分析, the function of the markets in the allocation of resources, measuring economic activities in the private as well as in the public sectors, 失业等问题, 通货膨胀, 收入分配与贫困, and domestic and international financial institutions and the working of global market systems.
主题  CECO 250, 3学分 
Title  经济学原理.     
描述 A one-semester introductory course in economics for students in departments which require only one semester of economics. The course focuses on both macro- and micro economic issues that impact the decision making within the U.S. 经济. Special attention is given to issues that affect the lives of African-­Americans.
主题  CECO 251 & 252, 3学分 
Title  宏观和微观经济学原理“,.
描述 A one-year comprehensive study of the principles which govern production, 消费, and distribution as well as the major institutions in the United States economic system. CECO 251 addresses macro-analysis and CECO 252 addresses micro-analysis. Prerequisites, A grade of "C" or better in CMAT 103 and 104 (or exemption from these courses).
主题  CECO 250 251 252, 3学分 
Title   经济学实验室
描述  Lab courses to be taken along with CECO 250, 251, and 252 respectively:
主题  CECO 302, 3学分 
Title  政府与商界.   
描述 The nature and development of government control and regulation of enterprises. This course examines antitrust laws and their interpretation and enforcement, 最高法院的反垄断判决, and current problems of government relations in various industries (offered within the Atlanta University Center).
主题  CECO 304, 3学分
Title  当代经济问题. 
描述 A colloquium designed for Honors Program students (non-economics maj6rs). It focuses on major issues affecting the American political 经济, particularly those having special significance for the economic well-being of black and other Third World peoples.
主题  CECO 308, 3学分
Title   数理经济学.  
描述 应用于初等数学和经济学. This course includes studies in calculus, matrices, and linear difference equations. Mathematical problems used in this course come from the field of economics (offered within the Atlanta University Center). Prerequisites, A grade of "C" or better in CMAT 111 and CMAT 112.
主题  CECO 309, 3学分
Title  计量经济学导论.          
描述 The use of mathematical and statistical models in the study of economics relationships. Methods introduced include single equation least squares, 方差分析, and multi-equation models (offered within the Atlanta University Center). Prerequisites, A grade of "C" or better in CBUS 313 and CBUS 314.
主题  CECO 315, 3学分 
Title  中级宏观经济分析. 
描述 总量经济分析的一般理论. Traces the development and refinement of selected theories through the classical, 马克思主义, 新古典主义, 和凯恩斯学派. 它使学生能够分析失业问题, 通货膨胀, 商业周期, 以及其他国家经济事件. 前提条件:CECO 251考试成绩为“C”或以上.
主题  CECO 316, 3学分 
Title   中级微观经济分析. 
描述 企业理论, 家庭, and the market with applications to individual decision-making units. 前提条件:CECO 252的“C”级或以上.
主题  CECO 324, 3学分 
Title  经济发展.  
描述 A study of the characteristics and problems of developed and developing economies. 涵盖经济发展理论, 生长和发展的阶段, 并通过数据分析来评估开发绩效. Prerequisites, A grade of "C" or better in CECO 251 and CECO 252.
主题  CECO 325, 3学分 
Title   比较经济制度.       
描述 比较制度的经济模式研究. The course includes an analysis of the effectiveness of performance of alternative economic systems in terms of growth patterns and fidelity to ideology. Prerequisites, A grade of "C" or better in CECO 251 and CECO 252.
主题  CECO 335, 3学分 
Title  国际贸易.
描述 Application of microeconomic policy to commercial relations between nations. Among the topics covered are the theory of comparative advantage and alternative commercial policies. Prerequisites, A grade of "C" or better in CECO 251 and CECO 252.
主题  CECO 343, 3学分 
Title  公共财政.         
描述 General survey of government finance at the federal, state, and local levels. 话题包括政府支出, 税务原则, 政府间财政关系, 债务管理, 公共借款, and fiscal policies for economic stabilization (offered within the Atlanta University Center). 前提条件:CECO 315和CECO 316.
主题  CECO 357, 3学分 
Title  美国经济史.
描述 Economic perspective of regions and historical periods in the United States. Topics include agricultural and industrial life in the colonies, 奴隶制的经济影响, 内战后的土地革命, 发展制造业和运输业, 西进运动, 业务集中, 大萧条, 世界大战, and the recent trends (offered within the Atlanta University Center).
主题  CECO 362, 3学分 
Title  货币和银行业.
描述 考查货币的其他理论. 探讨货币与价格的关系, 金融中介的作用, 国际货币问题, and the history of monetary policy in the United States. Prerequisites, A grade of "e" or better in CECO 251 and CECO 252.
主题  CECO 365, 3学分 
Title   劳动经济学.    
描述 考虑劳动作为一个经济因素. 包括工资, 劳动力参与率, 就业与失业, 劳工组织的发展, 劳动力市场歧视与公共政策. Prerequisites, A grade of "C" or better in CECO 251 and CECO 252.
主题  CECO 369, 3学分 
Title  城市经济学.              
描述 Examination of three principal themes in the economics of urban areas, (1) the economics of the location decisions and the influence of these decisions on urban growth and the real estate market; (2) evaluation of transportation and other services; and (3) economic development of ghetto neighborhoods. 前提条件,CECO 252.
主题  CECO 372, 3学分 
Title   经济学说的历史.   
描述 Survey of economic thought from ancient times to the present (offered 'within the Atlanta University Center).
主题  CECO 470, 3学分 
Title  研究方法/毕业论文.     
描述 Designed to explain the methods of conducting social science reSearch, 包括定义要研究的问题, 建立假设, 运用实证分析的技术. All economics majors are required to write a Senior Thesis on an approved topic. Prerequisite, approval of the undergraduate coordinator' and/or department chairperson.
主题  CECO 490, 3学分 
Title   独立学习.       
描述 Projects designed by the student and a faculty member, 谁同意与学生一起工作, 满足特定的和个人的需要. 可能涉及特定主题领域的直接阅读, 研究项目, 在高中教经济学或者. 任意两个的组合. 可以重复获得额外学分吗. Prerequisite, Approval of the Undergraduate coordinator and/or department chairperson.
主题  CECO 495, 3学分
Title  合作教育. 
描述 Intensive practical experience in a profit or nonprofit public or private organization. 学生应该获得知识, 理解, 以及与所选组织相关的技能. Prerequisite, Approval of the undergraduate coor­dinator and/or department chairperson.